Smoky eyes tutorial :

1. Nothing’s worse than a smoky eye that travels, smears, and settles into fine lines three hours into the night. Stop the smearing before it starts with our Eye Shadow Base! Blend it over lids and under eyes to ensure that your make-up stays put past last call!

2. Dark circles kill the sexiness of a smoky eye… Swipe the Anti-Bacterial Cover along your under eyes area using a brush or your finger.
Pro make-up artist tip: after blending on the anti-bacterial, use a fluffy brush to tap the translucent Loose Powder on the under eye area. The powder will catch loose particles as you apply your eye shadow. When you’ve completed the look, gently swipe the powder off with a tissue.

3. Use an eyelash curler, gently clamp down at the base of your lashes, hold for 5 seconds, and release. If you’re truly adventurous, blast the curler with heat from a blow-dryer before curling. It will make your curl last longer!

4. Blend a dark shade from your lashes to crease, and then, use a small, angled brush to drag the shadow along your lower lash lines. Your smoky eyes shade doesn’t have to be black, it can be grey, navy, shimmery, brown,… Have a look on our high pigmented Chic Eye shadows!

5. A smoky eye shouldn’t have any harsh lines; it should be softly blended at the edges. Using a smudge brush, lightly smudge the shadow at the crease and along bottom lashes.

6. Now that your colour is in place, define your eye with our Eye Matic. Drag it along top and bottom lash lines, making sure there’s no skin showing between lashes and the line.

7. To open up your eye area (and add a twinkly radiance), blend a shimmery highlighter along your brow bone and in the inner corners of eyes. If you have fair to medium skin, try a pearl hue; darker complexions choose a champagne shades.

8. No smoky eyes is complete without mascara! Apply the Lash Creator XXL to give some volume to your lashes.

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